Today, children are getting vast exposure to knowledge through computer, net, smart phones … but reading should not be neglected since every media has its own role to play. Reading cannot be substituted: the child’s most important introduction to learning is through reading. Reading helps to develop thinking, imagination and analytical skill in the child. Reading good books provides an unparalleled command over the language & helps to develop better concentration too.

To inculcate reading habit in a child, we need to provide variety of books to them that match all their interests. That’s why we provide multiple books with unlimited exchanges to cater to all your interests. 

We provide two kinds of memberships:

Home Delivery

  • The member get 8 (eight) books at a time.
  • The library staff will visit your place twice in a month based on the days assigned for your area.
  • Between our two visits, you can visit the library for additional exchanges.

Regular Visiting Membership

  • The member can have 5 (five) books at a time.
  • The member can visit the library as often as they would like to exchange the books.

Membership Advantages

  • Access to a vast range of books including fiction, non-fiction, self-improvement, literary classics, etc. that develop the habit of reading.
  • A huge collection of books that are useful for school projects and academic growth. 
  • You can request for specific books beforehand, which will be reserved for you. 
  • The library members will be offered special discount on purchase of any book from our “Books For Sale” section.