In 2004, we launched My Pleasure Kids’ Library as an effort to introduce children to the magical world of books and immerse them in the habit of reading. Since then, we have been striving to continue engaging young learners and keeping the love for reading alive amidst them. We are very proud to say that today hundreds of children in Nashik are enjoying reading and updating their knowledge with us.

In 2018, we collaborated with the beloved National Book Center, Nashik to expand this effort and launched “The Bookshelf”: an extension to your beloved library, with a huge addition of books for sale. 

The Library

The same way that gadgets provide several options at any point in time, we offer multiple books with unlimited exchanges, so you can always have a platter of options. We have put in special effort at constantly growing our home delivery network so that we can bring reading to more of your homes, literally! 

The library boasts of a specially curated collection of books for children including kids’ stories and fiction, books for their school projects, art and craft, history, mythology, biographies, general knowledge, grammar and essay-writing books in English, Hindi and Marathi. Over the period, we have also developed a large collection of books for parents and grandparents.

Thus, slowly & gradually, The Bookshelf has become a hub for the family with a unique focus towards children’s requirements.

The Bookshop

In 2018, we have also added a bookshop that has all these books in English as well as Marathi and Hindi for sale, catering to the reading needs for kids and adults of all ages. We also specialise in a wide variety of children’s activity books, so that you always have options to keep your children creatively engaged. 

We also work with schools and other institutions to support them in expanding and enhancing their knowledge resources.

Books are also great as gifts – after all, what better gifts than the gift of knowledge? 

Come visit us to find the best books for you, your children, students and for all your friends.

You may also order a specific book on the phone or by filling out this form, and we will deliver it to you (in Nashik)